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Sonic s'archive!
22.09.06 - Adamis - 9 coms
Vous voulez découvrir les premières aventures de Sonic en bande-dessinée? Archie a pensé à vous!

Les éditions Archie Comics sortiront à partir de Novembre et ce, chaque mois, un recueil contenant les premières histoires portant sur le comic Sonic the Hedgehog. Ces recueils se nomment "Sonic the Hedgehog Archives". Si vous connaissez une boutique qui peut importer les comics, c'est le moment de passer vos commandes afin de pouvoir découvrir la genèse de la bande-dessinée américaine de Sonic et de ses amis.


In SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #1, fans will thrill to these classic tales:

“Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog and Vine” (issue #1): Robotnik unleashes the fury of a mecha-plant within the great forest, and Sonic must defeat it and save his rival for Sally’s attentions, Antoine, at the same time!
“You Bet My Life” (issue #1): The odds are against Sonic when he crashes the Casino Night Zone only to face the dreaded Orbinaut!
“Triple Trouble” (issue #2): The terrible trio of Coconuts, Scratch and Grounder ruin a perfectly fine day for Sonic and Tails!
“Vertigo-a-Go-Go”: Sonic meets the madcap Horizontal and Vertical during an unplanned trip to The Unknown Zone!
“The Bomb Bugs Me” (issue #3): It’s an intriguing series of subterfuges and dastardly disguises… and a surprise ending, too!
“Rabbot Deployment” (issue #3): The first comic book appearance of Bunnie Rabbot!
“Lizard of Odd” (issue #4): The first comic story to feature Super Sonic… and just in time, as the deadly Universalamander threatens everything in sight!
“Tails Little Tale” (issue #4): The first Tails solo story!


[quote]SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #2 features more classic laughs & action:

“Olympic Trials & Error” (issue #5): Robotnik issues an Olympic challenge to the Freedom Fighters. At stake: the restoration of Mobius, or complete Roboticization!
“Chomp on This, Chump!” (issue #5): Introducing the Termite-nator, an ever-growing consumer of wood… which isn’t so good if you live in Knothole Village!
“The Spin Doctor” (issue #6): the action-packed adaptation of Sega’s “Sonic Spinball” video game!
“Sonic’s Christmas Carol” (issue #6): The timeless tale is transported to Mobius, complete with curmudgeonly Robotnik as Scrooge!
“Uncle Chuck’s Treasure” (issue #7): The Freedom Fighters find an old map belonging to Uncle Chuck, and it just may hold the key to defeating Robotnik forever!
“Sorceress in Distress” (issue #7): Sally goes to the Great Forest in search of a suitable wooden staff to complete her Halloween Sorceress costume. When Robotnik comes upon her, he believes Sally to be a real sorceress and kidnaps her with the intention of marrying her!
“Bots All Folks!” (issue #8) : Jealous that one of his lackeys is a closet fan of Sonic, Robotnik unleashes his fury with new ruthless robots to attack the blue blur!
“A Little Music Goes a Long Way” (issue #8) : All Sonic and his friends want to do is make beautiful music, but a certain robotic meanie has other ideas—namely shrinking the mirthful music makers!